I have created a new blog!

Hey everyone who would ever stumble upon this site. My new and improved blog is up and running (with a name change) and it is making me a lot happier.

Check out theshadesofuncool.com please and thanks.


Attention followers or anyone that has viewed my page. I have not posted in a long time because I am working on creating a new blog using a different site. I will make another post regarding the new address and leave it up for a few weeks before deleting everything off of blogger. All content will be brand new. Nothing seen on this blog will reappear on the next one. Basically, I'd like a little more creative freedom and get the most out of my blog. As for the content, I have been on a mission collecting pieces of clothing here and there to reinvent myself. I want to capture who I really am through my fashion, not who I think is cool and want to copy. I realized that a lot of what I have featured on my blog in the past isn't something that feels natural. I don't identify with certain styles anymore and frankly, some of these posts lack quality and creativity. I know I need to step up my game if I want to be seen in the world of fashion. I am giving myself one year from now to be the best version of myself, turn my fashion into art, and build a network of friends in the fashion community. I want to travel, I want more people to ask for my advice, I want to spark an idea and interest in every person that visits my blog or any other social media I will be using to get my name out there. I want to make unique collaborations with other fashion gurus that will help me grow as a person and stylist. I have had this blog for such a long time and have made hardly any progress. Honestly, it's disheartening but in the end, it's my fault. I didn't post consistently enough, I chose quantity over quality in times of desperation when I felt I just HAD to hurry up and post, and I connected with maybe two (great) people. No more mediocre. I hope this next part of my journey is what I have been waiting for. There will be a change in the way I do EVERYTHING because so far, NOTHING has worked. Thanks for reading, see you in a new space in a few weeks!


Had a fabulous dinner with my best friend to celebrate some very special news I just heard from her! I am glad to be back in a romper- mostly because it's easier to just throw something on that takes care of the top and bottom of your outfit. Spring is all about lighter colors, but I still like being in dark boho. A small necklace but big earrings are my favorite go to now with my hair up.
Kimono and romper: Hollister
Clutch: Charming Charlie

A classy girls night out is best done in your best dress. Dinner at Ocean Prime with some friends was a perfect excuse to put on this tunic. Their martinis are legendary. I ordered myself a Black Orchid with raspberry vodka with orchids frozen in the ice cubes. It was tasty and beautiful, an embodiment of the restaurant as a whole. Jewelry was kept delicate and elegant to not distract too much from these beautiful patterns. I've never worn anything this bold and colorful and it was pretty fun to throw on. These shoes were dying to be worn again and the pop of color in them matched my outfit perfectly. Tunics can also be worn with a belt for more waist accentuation if the "baggy throughout" look isn't your thing.
Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Studs and necklace: Zales
Bag: Ralph Lauren
Heels: Gianni Bini

The Peasant Top

Sunday funday with one of my girlfriends consisted of a super casual look dressed
up by some of my current favorite heels. I'm really loving peasant tops because of
their thin material (perfect for the unbearable Florida sun) and boho appeal. A heel
 for the day out should be kept small and comfortable and should also serve as the
centerpiece of your look. It's fun to dress up something more down-to-earth for good
contrast. How are you styling in the sun?
Peasant top: Nordstrom Rack
 Jeans: Express
Heels: Vince Camuto
Bag: Ralph Lauren
Sunglasses: Franco Sarto

5 Ways to Style a Midi Dress

Hope everyone has been able to enjoy one of Spring's biggest raves. The midi dress,
of course! It's super fun to style and gives a great shape to your body.
Look 1: a bit sporty as well as a final excuse to wear my beautiful platform boots. It's laid back and perfect for running errands. Plus, baseball caps have made appearances more often than just beaches and boats, they have evolved into a chic fashion statement.
Look 2: denim on denim is the second look here and as said before, a darker denim on a lighter
brings enough contrast to wear the bold move is more discrete.
Look 3: the slightly Parisian. A belt for structuring a slouchy sweater is most ideal when dealing with a loose dress so that you're not swallowed by it. For the season, it's good to make the layering and
accessories lighter in color. Play with whites, crèmes, and browns and make sure your staple piece is a different color.
Look 4: a different layering technique I have yet to try. This straight midi dress gave me the opportunity to add a long lace skirt underneath for more dimension (it's like day on the town version of Coachella. Therefore, big jewelry is a must and a messy braid ties this earthy look together perfectly.
Look 5:  a floral shirt holding the spirit of Spring is a fun piece to add to the dress to turn it into a skirt. If the shirt is loose and falls a bit too far below the waist, a belt can be added to not only accentuate the curves but to crop the shirt. The best styling advice to give for a midi dress is add wedges and heels. As amazing as this trend is, it can shorten the legs. A heel will allow you to keep the length and up the style! Have fun styling your midi dress and I'd love to know if my styling tips inspired you.


A little while ago I wore this beautiful "shirt" as a dress. It was a winter look
and now I'm transitioning it into spring while still keeping some dark colors.
The bold necklace was ify at first since the patterns are bold too but I liked how
it blended in with the shirt while still providing a subtle pop around the neck.
The cream wedges and clutch lighten the look enough to make it more daytime.
Also, another fresh touch to it was the makeup. Bold brows are always a must
but skipping on the mascara and eyeliner gives you a fresher, more youthful face.
A pale lip provides the same effect and works well for the season. So for those
of you with dresses you can't figure out how to wear again, turn them into a shirt!
A skirt is also a possibility that I will demonstrate in a future post :)
Shirt/ dress + wedges: Lucky Brand
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Shorts: Marshalls
Clutch: Charming Charlie
Shades: Franco Sarto